About us

Mobile, web and everything in between

Mobyko is a simple service enabling people to manage their mobile phone online. It offers complete freedom and flexibility to backup, organise, manage and share using a secure account.

The address book offers a wealth of features, creating a central space for you to manage your life in one place. Your names and numbers are stored and transferable to future phones at the touch of a button.

The calendar makes missing appointments a thing of the past. You can make all your appointments quickly and easily online then sync them with your mobile so you have a copy of your diary at your fingertips. More transportable than a PC, easier to use than a fiddly mobile calendar.

It's all done without the need for downloads, software or wires. There is no complicated technology to get your head around, it has been designed to make your life easy.

How it works

The service is safe, secure and completely independent of both manufacturers and networks. The clever syncing of contacts is done over the air. It is a truly global service that works on most phones and networks. All you need is a phone and an Internet connection, let us do the rest...

We are regulated by UK data protection laws so you can have complete peace of mind that your data will not be abused.