ccleaner download for mac

CCleaner Download for Mac

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ccleaner download for mac free

What is CCleaner for Mac?

CCleaner for Mac is a tiny, reliable energy for computers running Mac OS X that clears out the ‘scrap’ that gathers in time: temporary data, damaged system approvals, and also various other troubles. CCleaner safeguards your privacy. It cleans your browsing background as well as short-term Internet documents, allowing you to be a much more certain Net user as well as less vulnerable to identification burglary.

CCleaner can clean up unneeded files from numerous programs saving you hard drive area, fixing permissions, aid you uninstall software as well as quit specific background programs from starting with OS X. CCleaner is the number-one tool for taking care of a sluggish Mac. It shields your personal privacy as well as makes your Mac much faster and much more secure.

  • Faster Computer system
    Mac running slow-moving? A Mac collects junk as well as unused data much like a COMPUTER. Discover and eliminate these data with the click of a switch so your Mac can run faster. Speed up boot times with easy monitoring of Startup things.
  • Reduce Mess
    Tidy your Mac of old clutter. Clear up your reuse container, temporary files as well as folders, busted consents as well as more. Remove installed programs with the click of a button.
  • Safer Browsing
    Internet sites as well as marketers track your habits online with cookies that stay on your computer. CCleaner eliminates your browser search history and also cookies so any kind of net surfing you do remains private and also your identity stays confidential.
  • Full Personalization
    CCleaner for Mac enables you all the adaptability you require. Select specifically what you desire cleaned, consist of or omit custom data or folders and also pick which cookies to maintain or remove.

CCleaner for Mac Settings

How to customize CCleaner for Mac to work the way you need it to.

Selecting Which Cookies to Keep

A cookie is a tiny documents that a Web site can put on your hard disk. It includes info regarding when you went to the site, as well as might consist of monitoring and setups information. For additional information regarding cookies, see the Wikipedia access.

Keep in mind: Flash cookies (which are used by Adobe Flash) are cleansed in different ways by CCleaner for Mac See this subject for more details on Flash cookies.

You might pick to delete cookies for privacy factors. Be aware, however, that some websites may neglect your login information if you remove their cookies. Others will just change the cookie the following time you check out.

By default, when you run the Cleanser, CCleaner removes every one of the cookies for all of your Web web browsers (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and so forth). There are two methods to maintain cookies on your Mac while still making full use CCleaner.

1): To keep all cookies on your Mac

  1. In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Cleanser.
  2. On the Mac OS X tab, under Safari, clear the Cookies examine box.
  3. If you have nothing else Internet web browsers mounted, you have actually ended up. If not, click the Applications tab.
  4. Under each internet browser provided, clear the Cookies check box.

From this factor on, whenever you run the Cleaner, it will keep all cookies from these browsers.

2): To keep specific cookies on your Mac.

  1. In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Alternatives, and afterwards click Cookies.
  2. The list may take a few seconds to load. This checklist displays cookies from all the web browsers you have actually set up on your system.
  3. By default, all cookies remain in the Cookies to Remove column. To keep cookies, relocate them to the Cookies to Maintain column by selecting cookies and clicking the right-arrow button. You can pick numerous cookies by using CMD+ click, or pick a set of cookies in a row by clicking the very first one and after that SHIFT-clicking the last one.


  • The cookies in the Cookies to Erase column will not be removed if you use the approach in Option 1 to maintain all cookies on your Mac.
  • You can conveniently search via them for the ones you want if you have a long listing of cookies. Click inside the Look box as well as type a few letters in the cookie’s domain. Keying HOO will return cookies for

CCleaner for Mac Data Deletion Settings

CCleaner for Mac has three techniques of secure deletion: an Easy Overwrite (1 pass), Medium Overwrite (7 passes), and a Complicated Overwrite (35 passes). A ‘pass’ describes how many times CCleaner edits the place on the hard disk drive. The even more times CCleaner contacts that area, the more difficult the data will certainly be to recuperate by any means. The disadvantage is that it will take CCleaner longer to complete the work.

To establish the method for safe deletion:

In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Options, and click Settings.
Select the approach for deletion. You can specify exactly how lots of overwrites CCleaner will certainly make use of in the drop-down box if you pick Secure data deletion (slower).

Note: CCleaner can only remove data (including protected removal) which have not yet been deleted from the Trash.

Setting Which Languages to Keep

By default, OS X has assistance for several languages. If you do not make use of these languages, the documents required can take up room. You can set CCleaner for Mac to remove language files for specific languages throughout a cleansing procedure.

To establish which language submits CCleaner for Mac will certainly keep:

  1. In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Alternatives, and after that click Languages.
  2. Select the languages you want to maintain, or clear the ones you don’t intend to maintain. Your OS X installation default language (usually English) can not be eliminated.
    Note: These settings only define which languages to throw out or keep. You must additionally make sure CCleaner for Mac is readied to clean unwanted languages, which is a different setting.
  3. To set CCleaner for Mac to tidy unnecessary languages, click Cleanser, and then choose the Mac OS X tab.
  4. Select the Unneeded Languages check box.

The next time you run a cleaning procedure, apply for the non-selected languages will be gotten rid of from the system.

Cleaning Up Flash Cookies

A Flash cookie (additionally called a Local Share Things, or LSO) is a collection of cookie-like data that a Web site running Adobe Flash can place on your hard drive. Like regular cookies, Flash cookies include info regarding when you visited the website, as well as may contain tracking and setups info.

Blink cookies are stealthier than normal cookies. Flash can set up cookies on your computer system without your permission by default. You can transform the default setup for Flash cookies at this Macromedia Internet site web page (” Permit third-party Flash web content to save data on your computer.”).

Or, you can make use of CCleaner for Mac to tidy Flash cookies when it runs. By default, CCleaner is readied to leave Flash cookies alone.

To establish CCleaner for Mac to tidy Adobe Flash Cookies:

  1. In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Cleanser, and then pick the Applications tab.
  2. Under Applications, guarantee that the check box for Adobe Flash Player is selected.

Keep in mind: Remember that cookies and Blink cookies are 2 separate things. Merely removing the Adobe Flash Gamer establishing will certainly not set CCleaner for Mac to tidy routine web browser cookies.

What are the system requirements?

CCleaner for Mac requires an Apple Mac running 64bit OS X 10.6 to 10.10 Yosemite.



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CCleaner Download for Mac

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