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SignUpGenius is the most popular online sign up service to organize group events. Sign up for events, message group participants and view event statistics from the app. Use SignUpGenius to simplify the process of coordinating events and people with sign ups for nonprofits, schools, sports, churches, families, colleges, businesses and organizations.

Each month, up to 14 million people use SignUpGenius to organize and participate in events.
Event participants can use the app to:
• Sign up for events
• Add events to personal digital calendar
• View event details such as time and location
• Contact customer support

In addition, event organizers can use the app to:
• View sign up event participants
• Search, view and message group participants
• Create custom reports based on sign up visitor statistics

Popular uses for SignUpGenius include:
• Coordinating volunteer schedules for schools, churches, nonprofits and community groups.
• Collecting payments for fundraisers, business services, product sales and event registrations.
• Managing business training, team-building events and employee interviews.
• Coordinating potluck dishes and meal schedules for families.
• Planning sports team schedules, concessions volunteers and snack rotations.
• Coordinating scouting events such as camping, Girl Scout cookie booth schedules, Pinewood Derby and more.
• Scheduling parent teacher conferences at school.
• Managing event registrations for 5Ks, ticket sales, camps, sports tournaments and more.
• Organizing school events such as book fairs, class parties, field trips and more.

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